What if a Seller rejects to honor a negotiated price for a part?
The Buyer will still be able to purchase the part, but a notification email will be sent to the Buyer informing them the part was purchased outside of the negotiated price.
Parts Express USA verifies negotiated prices with both parties of an agreement. It is then registered on the website and as Sellers load inventory, they are notified of a part that has a negotiated price for a specific Buyer.
No, Parts Express USA does not handle backorders. However, you can select to be notified when the part is back In Stock, and an email will be sent when inventory is available.
If both are Out of Stock and you cannot wait to be notified when the part is back In Stock, the Buyer can select to continue shopping and will be directed to the next closest store with the part in stock.
If the Authorized Dealer is Out of Stock, the website will look at the inventory of the Brand OEM if they have created a store on the website. The Buyer also has the option of being notified when the Dealer has the part back in stock.
Yes, once the area of responsibility has been verified with the Brand OEM, then the website selects the authorized Seller first if the Buyer is located in their area of responsibility.
Yes, there is a filter to search and select a Seller, and at that point you will only see the inventory of that Seller.
Each Seller determines for what price they will sell their parts. Sellers have the opportunity to set up pricing by Customer type. Sellers can also create any discount structures they choose.
Parts Express USA searches the inventory of all Sellers who have listed their parts and show the Seller who has the part closest to your shipping location. The Buyer can purchase from that Seller or select any Seller listed with inventory.
Yes, the Seller's company name is shown with the part information.
The Buyer can initiate a parts return through the website and track the progress of the return.